About The Owner

Cici Pagán is a wife, mom, artist, and cosmetologist living in Southern New Jersey. CUF is her dream project of her Second Act.

Since the age of 18 Cici has been creating and selling art. From custom painted clothing, to hand created home decor, she's participated in virtually every medium. Within the past decade she found oil and acrylic painting. With a love for post-impressionism she started with realism painting, but ended up finding her passion in expressionism and abstract expressionism. 

Cici applied her artistic talent to her work in the beauty industry. Combining her love of color and concept with her joy of teaching others, Cici enjoyed working as a professional products educator, a hair stylist and colorist, and a working makeup artist over a span of more than two decades. 

So what do you do when you are beyond 40 and ready for the next chapter? You combine your love of art, texture, color, and beauty, and open a boutique! Inspired by one of her famous past times, art museums, Cici's vision was to combine original artwork with apparel and gifts, think art museum gift shop! Where does CUF come in?

Cici's various projects over the years have been under the business umbrella of Cici Pagán Creative Living LLC or CCPCL. So when she originally opened the boutique she called it BOUTIQUE by CCPCL. However, as she thought about what her mission was with the boutique and what motivates her; along with what she would like to share with others - creative, uncommon, and fun came to mind. A free spirit, Cici has always endeavored to live life on her terms and not leave joy and happiness to chance. She's lived a life full of unique challenges and has had to find unique ways to navigate and thrive. Her methods and her life are anything but common. Add to that, her belief of not taking life to seriously and you get her formula of Creative, Uncommon, Fun! After a year of being in business she wanted to highlight this formula that really has become the foundation of her life and the boutique. So she decided a name change was the perfect way to start the second year of the boutique. And so CUF - Creative.Uncommon.Fun became the boutique and studio name!