About Me: Artist/Maker, Creator Edition

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Let me reintroduce myself. I'm Cici; wife, mom, shoppe owner, cosmetologist, and artist. Here’s a bit about the artist/maker, creative side of me!

I’ve been creating art, or creating and selling art, since I was a kid. Here are the things I’ve done over the years:

📌 Learned to sew wearable clothing at age 9

📌 Learned embroidery at age 9

📌 Created and sold hand painted apparel at 18

📌 Learned aromatherapy, created and sold custom oil blends at age 20

📌 Joined the Bedazzle craze of 90’s

📌 Created and sold custom wreaths by consignment at age 19/20

📌 Made and sold polymer clay candle holders in my 20’s

📌 Made scrapbooks and cards in my 30’s

📌 Took photography classes, and joined a photography group to learn photography basics in my early 40’s

📌 Learned silver and copper jewelry making from a Brazilian jeweler. Made silver and copper jewelry in my in my early 40’s

📌 Started oil painting realism in 2013.

📌 Started painting and selling abstract expressionist art in 2018, at age 45

This was actually fun to think back on! How many things have you done over the years? Try making a list and sharing it with me! Text me at 609-254-7792 and let me know you read this post. Then tell me your, “About Me, Artist/Maker, Creative Edition.” Don’t forget to add your name, if I haven’t met you yet! 



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