A Turn of Events With No.5

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The strangest thing happened to me tonight. I get a couple of tea, crawl into bed and opened this month's edition of Elle. As I leafing through the pages I smell something totally unfamiliar. They still put perfume samples in magazines, it's actually pretty nostalgic for a fashion mag addict like me, but I digress. I flip back and check out what perfume it is and it's Chanel No.5! What's the big deal? 

As a teenager, and a fashion addict, Chanel No.5 was always legendary. When I got my first job I went to the mall to get a bottle. Only to find out I HATED it! I had no idea why it was raved about! I've actually talked about it on other peoples social media posts when they ask, "What is the one thing you hate that everyone else seems to love?" So imagine my surprise when I follow my nose to the very same perfume's sample! It's the scent I found intriguing enough to go back and look for! How can this be? I legit am kinda liking Chanel No.5. I'm 47, is this the end?  I'm I headed where all the old fashionistas go to primp? My taste buds matured from sweet wine to dry wines, then to scotch. Is this like that? Does one mature into Chanel No.5, which is why it was the perfume of well established ladies? Maybe well established ladies had the most mature olfactory system? These are things I must get to the bottom of! What else am I about to grow into? I have no idea but you bet I'll keep you posted!


*photo property of Ulta and Chanel Paris

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